Cosmetic treatment

Protection Colour System

Colour protection treatment

Coloured hair

Active ingredients:: Protection colour system (protects and repairs the hair), Green tea (anti-oxidant and anti-radicals, protects from uvb rays.)

Benefits: more vivid and longer-lasting colour, soft and shiny hair

Products: Colour protection shampoo, Color protection mask

No Frizz System

No-frizz treatment

Curly and frizzy hair, whether natural or permed*

*48% of women have wavy, curly or very curly hair (Source AC Nielsen)

Active ingredients: No frizz system (gives definition to the curl giving volume), Jojoba oil (nourishes and softens), Wheat proteins (moisturise the hair), Extract of cotton (penetrates the cuticle and keeps the hair moisturised)

Benefits: softhairandwell-definedcurls

Products: No-frizz shampoo, No-frizz mask

Shining System

Linseeds treatment

Dull, lifeless hair

Active ingredients: Shining system (adds moisture and gives a luxurious sheen), Linseeds (rich in vitamin F, omega fatty acids 3 and 6 seal in the flakes and make the cuticle soft, contributing to the healthy growth of the hair)

Benefits: Visibly shinier and healthier looking hair.

Products: Shine shampoo, Liquid crystals with flax seeds, Shine mask

Nutri system

Nourishing treatment

Fragile or weakened hair

Active ingredients:: Nutri system (nourishes in depth), Shea butter (effective hydrating), Oat extract (is an optimal reconstituent), Olive oil (nourishes, softens, regenerates)

Benefits: Stronger hair with more life

Products: Nourishing shampoo, Nourishing mask

Hydra System

Remineralising treatment

Frequent washing

Active ingredients: Hydra system (hydrates the hair), Marine oligoelements (regenerate and reinforce), Olive oil (nourishes, softens, regenerates), Silk proteins (help to repair hair, leaving it shiny and easy to comb)

Benefits:: Hair always hydrated

Products: Remineralising shampoo frequent use, Restructuring two-phase treatment